We have a full in house repairs and maintenance teamOur staff is available 24/7 for emergencies and urgent repair requests. We provide service for many small repairs that could cost much more with a regular contractor due to trip chargers, time cost, availability, etc. 

We work with any warranty companies to facilitate repairs if you have a home warranty. We also work with large number of outside vendors to insure that you receive the best pricing and service in a timely manner. There is no charge for our time to oversee repairs with third parties so you only incur the actual cost billed with no upcharge.

To help get ahead and tenant and maintenance items, each property or unit is visited multiple times throughout the year to confirm that the tenants are taking care of it, do not have authorized pets in the property, are following the rules of the lease, and that they are not overlooking any potential defects or concerns such as roof leaks or foundation movement. This also allows us to cite tenants and have damages fixed during their tenancy to keep the property in showable condition anytime you need to lease or sell it and to try to avoid large surprise damages found at move out.

We would love to speak with you further about how our management services can benefit you.

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